A business experiment called Juana Box launches in a number of weeks, shipping boxes of pipes, papers and pens among other smoking devices. Its main business at the moment is tobacco, but with hopes that marijuana will be legalized soon in New York, the business should explode. The mastermind behind this business venture is Rachel Jones, a 24-year-old stay-at-home Mom hoping to ride the marijuana wave rolling through the country. Jones told the Pix11 that in a few years her small business will become a factory hiring other stay-at-home moms.

The industry isn’t limited to savvy moms, however. Michael James left a Wall Street career to manage the finances of Terra Tech, which owns ten acres of greenhouses with licenses to grow marijuana from several states. He says that the most profitable herb in most greenhouses is basil – marijuana would be significantly more profitable than that. His company is worth over $60 million and is relying on the legalization of pot in the garden state.

Wall Street wants in on celebrity-endorsed strains of marijuana, with Bethany Frankel of Real Housewives hoping to launch a ‘skinny girl marijuana’ which she and investors hope will gain the same fame and popularity of her ‘skinny girl cocktail’.

Leslie Bocksor started a hedge fund company dedicated to pot and expects it to soon cap out, and he has plans to open more. The business opportunities, he says, are mind blowing. He says that there hasn’t been a business opportunity like this since the Internet took off in the 90s.  The “pot com” boom is CEO Cheryl Shuman calls it. The economic impact of weed is massive – people are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an industry that did not exist ten years ago.

Weed Hire is a new network where employers can look for employees in the weed industry and vice-versa without any potential hires having to advertise there skills and experience in a place that might jeopardize their jobs in other industries. The jobs advertised range from farm hands overseeing the growth of marijuana to six-figure executives.

Weed is a booming industry that’s having a massive impact on jobs, the economy and America, and people from all walks of life are jumping on the train.