Former Miss Kentucky Kia Hampton could have gone to prison for a long stretch after one ill-fated visit to jail last fall, but the courts have taken mercy on the beauty queen, as reported by the Associated Press.

Hampton was trying to do a friend of her a major solid and put herself in serious jeopardy by sneaking less than an eighth of weed in the waistband of her pants last October. Up to three times a month she had visited an inmate who’s currently serving a four year sentence for drug trafficking.

On this particular trip prison guards found a balloon filled with cannabis that had fallen to the floor by her feet. Female guards then conducted a strip search, but found no additional contraband.

A state trooper said that law enforcement had become suspicious of Hampton after listening to a phone call which suggested she was going to smuggle some dank into the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution.

Hampton could have been charged with a third degree felony. Her lawyer argued, however, that the evidence against the pageant winner did not merit a strip search warrant.

Prosecutors tried for a prison sentence, but the judge believed that Hampton was remorseful. She said in court that she had acted out of “foolishness” and that she hoped for “a fresh start.” She was given probation.

Hampton was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2010, when she made history as the first African-American winner of the pageant.

Photo via Flickr user Matt B