With big media outlets running stories this week about dab addiction and BHO explosions, it’s refreshing – nay, awesome – to hear media professionals talk about dabbing like adults. “The whiskey to cannabis’s beer,” is what Cannabist writer and photographer Ry Prichard calls it in a discussion hosted by Richard Baca for The Cannabist Show. Also interviewed is University of Denver law professor Sam Kamin.

It’s a good video for newbies to dabbing who might be full of misinformation or maybe had one intense experience that put them off. It’s great to hear smart guys talk about professional licensed extractors with expensive equipment instead of punks blowing up their kitchen, precision low temp dabs from enails instead of blow torches and red hot titanium, and quality clean highs instead of weird unfounded claims of having addictive properties.

Send this video to your friend who doesn’t dab. It’s a nice mellow warm up before taking your first dip into errl lake.