Though the popularity of dabbing has been skyrocketing in the last few years, a lot of people still need some education when it comes to just how cannabis concentrates work. Fortunately for an ignorant judge in South Carolina, he was lucky enough to be schooled on the ways of wax by a hash dealer during a sentencing Thursday.

When Adam Robert Harris found himself in York County court, his judge asked him to explain this newfangled cannabis variant the kids are using these days. “What exactly is hash oil and how is it used?” asked Circuit Court Judge Dan Hall, according to local rag The Herald.

Harris told the judge that the answer was simple: “You dab it like Cam Newton.” The man, who was on trial for intent to distribute a kilo and a half of controlled substances, then inexplicably did the dance made famous by Carolina Panthers quarterback right there in the courtroom. “I doubt Cam Newton is dabbing hash oil after scoring a touchdown,” the judge told Harris.

After yucking it up a bit, Judge Hall gave Harris a one year jail sentence, a relatively lenient given that Harris’s possession of a kilo of cheebah and just under a half-kilo of concentrate could carry a penalty of up to five years in prison, according to state laws.

Maybe it was Harris’s pleading for the sake of his girlfriend and 15 month-old child who depended on him desperately for support that melted the judge’s heart. Or maybe it was the impromptu dance sesh. Who knows?

Harris was a Californian chef, an Angelino visiting his family, apparently with a medical marijuana card that permitted him to use and cultivate cannabis. He claimed he was there to give medicine to people in need for below the market value, according to his attorney Geoff Dunn. “He believed he was helping people,” Dunn said, but, “South Carolina is not California.”

So, we guess the lesson here is that if you can use legal hash in California, don’t drive to the deep south to hook up your relatives. And if you do, then lord help you if you don’t know how to dance.

Dabs Mag Staff
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