The most exciting news to hit either the Dairy Land or the cannabis extracts world occurred earlier this week when a hash oil robbery on the University of Wisconsin campus took on hues of an action movie chase scene.

The ruckus began Wednesday when two robbers beat up a young man and relieved him of the THC extract in his possession. But the robbery victim was not about to give up. He pulled a knife on the two assailants and engaged in an eventful foot chase that the Madison Police Department incident report termed “chaotic,” according to the Badger Herald.

It should be noted that the incredible events which followed occurred in broad daylight on a busy street outside of a university library. The victim, now wielding a knife, chased the two robbers more than a block down the road before one of them jumped on a passing garbage truck and tried to enter the cab while yelling to the driver, “Go! Go! He’s got a knife!”

The very determined knife-and-extract-carrying young man followed his attacker onto the garbage truck. The driver later said that he nearly ran him over as he attempted to climb onto the vehicle.

The pursuit then did a 180 and the two men ran back toward the library where the incident began. By the time the police arrived, random citizens had taken it on themselves to restrain the two men.

According to the Herald, “MPD officers arrested 17-year-old Jabari Lee for second degree reckless endangerment and possession of THC with intent to deliver and 20-year-old Stephen Steele for strong-armed robbery, party to a crime and battery.” The third man involved in the incident (the other attacker) is still at large.

This news comes coincidentally only a couple weeks after some other big extract news in Wisconsin. The state Senate “overwhelmingly approved” a bill to legalize CBD concentrate for treatment of epileptic seizures, with only 1 out of 32 senator voting against it, earlier this month. The bill goes next to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Photo via Flickr user Salim Virji