When an illegal BHO extractor is busted after blowing up their set-up in the middle of a run, they have a few options. Provided they didn’t sustain severe burns and require immediate medical attention, they’re probably going to be in police custody right quick, so they’ve got to think of something fast. If they’ve stashed a little money aside, they could say nothing and call a lawyer.

But a Colorado man decided on a different tactic, opting instead to try to sell authorities on an alternate explanation for his house suddenly deciding to explode. He said he was intentionally bombed, and not with any modern pipe-bomb type apparatus, but with an explosive most commonly found in westerns and Wile E. Coyote cartoons: a stick of dynamite.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office responded early Tuesday morning to the report of an explosion in a residential neighborhood, as reported by the Denver Post. On arrival they discovered a blown-apart refrigerator on the patio of Michael Scott and Jesucita Gardner’s home.

To make things easier for officers present, Michael had an explanation ready for them. “Gardner … told deputies he thought someone had put a stick of dynamite in his refrigerator,” according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

But the plot quickly thickened as authorities entered the Gardner home. According to the release, “In further examining the refrigerator, deputies saw several small pieces of suspected marijuana in the refrigerator and on the back porch.” The cops now grew a little suspicious of Michael’s dynamite theory after that. These suspicions were then corroborated as they searched the home and discovered “items typically found in a butane hash oil lab,” such as butane canisters, plastic baggies, and “suspected marijuana.”

It will probably not be shocking to find out that the Gardners were subsequently arrested on suspicion of unlawful cannabis extraction and they now face charges of possession of cannabis concentrates with intent to distribute, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence.

It’s likely that the married couple is upset at the person who dropped the dime and called 5-0 on them, especially given that the person was Michael Scott Gardner himself. “Shortly after… [Gardner] heard an explosion in the backyard… he said he went to check to see what it was, when he noticed the refrigerator was destroyed,” according to the sheriff’s office.”Gardner said he called 911.”