A man and a woman have been arrested after police deputies found a marijuana grow operation in their Perris, California home. The police officers also found a hash oil lab and over 280 marijuana plants. Deputies performed a search of the area last weekend on Orange Avenue. After the lab was discovered, police arrested the two: a 25 year-old Jose Delgado, who was charged with possession, intent to sell, manufacturing, and child endangerment, and a 34 year-old woman. The woman was booked under suspicion of being under the influence of a stimulant affecting the central nervous system (the best kind).

There’s no mention in KTLA’s reporting of the event of whether Delgado or the woman are certified caregivers. Or about what evidence the local authorities obtained a warrant on. In our cursory research, we found a Jose Delgado who has a career as a bank vault supervisor in Perris. Regardless of whether he’s brought to trial and found guilty or innocent, the arrest will likely be a big black mark on his record from here on out. That’s the risk extractors take every day bringing us quality meds.