When Oregon got a legal recreational marijuana market last fall, it seemed like a big deal. And it was, but connoisseurs and dabaholics probably felt it was a bit of a hollow victory. For in their wisdom to take recreational weed out of the black market and put it into the taxable market place, lawmakers also left behind two of marijuana’s most popular permutations: extracts and edibles.

But the wait is over and the laggies have caught up. As of Thursday, June 2, extracts are fully legal, as reported by the Oregonian.

These being weed laws, of course there are catches. The state intends to limit edible servings to 5 mg of THC apiece, half of the limit used by Washington and Colorado. But, luckily for edible gluttons out there, that catch also has a catch. Oregon is still in the early stages of its recreational program. The state doesn’t even have recreational shops yet, only medical dispensaries that also sell weed recreationally.

While Oregon is sorting its shit out, its conservative constraints on edibles haven’t been enacted yet. Under the current rules, edibles can have up to 15 mg. Live it up while it lasts Oregon! The new regulations are expected to come into play this fall.

The state has also issued some handy-dandy instructions for edible newbies to make sure they don’t get green-out blitzed on medicated chocolates and gummies.

The Oregon Health Authority issued a statement this week advising users to not gobble down their edibles all at once, but instead to start with a single dose and “wait at least 90 minutes and up to four hours before having more.”

“They say, drink responsibly,” William Simpson, CEO of production and retail firm Chalice Farms, told the Oregonian. “Eat responsibly – that should be the slogan for edibles. Start slow and take your time. Eat a little and wait a long time.”

Regulations on concentrates isn’t as strict, probably because lawmakers don’t know what dabbing is. Their ignorance is Oregon’s dabaholics’ bliss.