If there’s one thing Facebook is known for, it’s the company’s stringent moral code. That’s why the social media network has routinely blocked, pulled, and exiled cannabis companies and cannabis-related posts since its inception. In doing so, it has left its feeds and channels open to the virtuous and pure likes of election-thwarting foreign powers and the marketing companies for whom it mines and sells your user data.

So is it some sign of the apocalypse that now Pope Zuckerberg’s company may soon allow cannabis to infiltrate the sacred Book of Face?

Facebook is reportedly considering easing its restrictions on “regulated goods,” which currently bans users from posting about buying or selling cannabis.

If the company does change its policy, it could open the dam to allow legal medical and recreational marijuana companies to have real legit Facebook pages that list weed prices (and maybe even let them buy your data too!).

During an internal presentation attended by The Telegraph, company officials said, “Our policies at the moment do not allow for the sale of marijuana on the platform. We want to consider whether we can loosen this restriction, especially in relation to medical marijuana, legal marijuana and brick and mortar stores.”

The Marijuana Moment reports that the company has some apprehensions about allowing for weed companies because it would have to “determine whether a marijuana seller advertising services on the platform is legal” and “how it could block cannabis-related content for users who are under 21.”

But, presumably, the company already puts some resources toward blocking these cannabis companies, so part of that problem might be solved by offering a new directive to its watchdogs, both of the flesh-and-blood and artificial intelligence variety.

Insiders also say that the company is worried about “regional pushback in those areas of the world where the law or [society] views marijuana negatively.” Is it really possible that there are parts of the world where people like weed less than they like Facebook?

Photo via Flickr user Stock Catalog