We all know that guy who has a ton of facts about Marijuana. Well, our good news is that you now can be the guy that knows facts about Marijuana! Just read this facts about Marijuana article and you’ll be impressing everyone.
1.    Marijuana is created from the prepared flowers from the Cannabis plant.
2.    It is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States.
3.    Each day, 6000 people try marijuana for the first time.
4.    Worldwide, 162 million users of marijuana exist.
5.    It is the most popular drug outside of alcohol.
6.    People of all ages uses marijuana.
7.    It’d take 800 joints to die from a marijuana overdose.
8.    There are 200 slang terms for marijuana.
9.    Marijuana is the colloquial name. The scientific name is Cannabis.
10.    The cannabis plant can grow one inch per day, up to eighteen feet maximum.
11.    The chemical within marijuana that gives you a high is THC.
12.    It can grow in almost any climate.
13.    Time distortion is an effect of taking marijuana.
14.    Imagination is heightened whilst taking marijuana.
15.    Cannabis seeds used to be eaten around the world.
16.    It was first used as a medication in 2700 BC in China.
17.    In 1690, hemp was required to be grown by all farms in the USA due to its wide amount of uses.
18.    Marijuana also used to be recommended as a medical remedy.
19.    It was first restricted by the US in 1937. It made taxes so heavy, that nobody could afford to grow it.
20.    Hemp was one of the biggest money earners for most farms in the US in its early days.
21.    The law classifies marijuana as having no medical use. It is a type one drugs, although that seems set to change in the near future.
22.    Paraguay is believed to be the world’s largest producer of marijuana.
23.    More than 8 percent of the population in most first world countries.
24.    Nearly a million people are arrested for marijuana related crimes every year in the USA.
25.    It used to be available over the counter in America for several maladies, where it was considered a useful remedy.
26.    Canada became the first country in the world to allow medical marijuana.
27.    California is the first USA state to allow for medical marijuana.
28.    Thirteen more states now allow medical marijuana.
29.    Seventeen further states recognize the benefits of medical marijuana, yet still have laws against possession of the drug.
30.    Marijuana as a term is believed to be Mexican slang originally. It might well be a composite of the Spanish pronunciation of “Mary” and “Jane.”

Those are our thirty top facts regarding marijuana for you to tell all of your friends. They’re also good for showing the bad side of politics. It’s amazing that for thousands of years people were able and even encouraged to grow cannabis, yet suddenly some politicians decided the plant had no benefits and should not be grown.