A family of six were admitted to a hospital in India after a relative spiked their dinner with cannabis as a prank. Adding insult to injury, he even tricked them into paying for it.

A vegetable seller named Naval Kishore sold what he claimed was fenugreek, a common herb in Indian cuisine, to his family member Nitesh, according to VICE News, citing an unnamed local news source.

When Nitesh brought the faux-fenugreek home, it was used in a potato dish. Aafter dinner, Nitesh’s family started to feel very dizzy, with some losing consciousness, and a neighbor was asked to call a doctor. Naval later confessed his misdeed to the police.

More alarming than Naval’s prank-gone-wrong is some other details of cannabis use featured in the VICE article. Namely, that weed in the country is “often” spiked with “rat poison or shoe polish.”

Fortunately, Nitesh’s family was not subjected to that horrible-sounding fate, otherwise they would have experienced nausea and vomiting instead of just loss of consciousness, according to Viki Vaurora, the founder of the Great Legalisation Movement, which advocates for the legalization of cannabis in India.

“While we don’t know all the details about the patients’ illness and recovery, from the reports we can assume that they were given really strong cannabis flowers of the indica strain of the cannabis plant, which is meant to make you feel relaxed,” Vaurora told VICE.

Dr Prashant Punia, a neurosurgeon based in the western Indian city of Pune, added that since the family had never tried cannabis before, “it may have triggered an overwhelming reaction in the brain’s neural pathways.”

“People who accidentally consume cannabis tend to react differently. In this case, the fear of doom and unnatural feeling of the high may have caused their heart rate to go up, leading to paranoia or anxiety.”

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily