Once upon a time there was a musician named J. Tillman. A singer-songwriter in the Seattle indie scene who went on to be the semi-rich-and-famous drummer for Fleet Foxes. Then Tilman found himself “robotically playing these parts, night after night,” and somewhere along the way he lost his passion for playing with the band. That’s when he quit the Foxes, moved to LA, adopted the name Father John Misty, and became an indie superpower unto himself.

Misty told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that the turning point for him was a trip on magic mushrooms. Shortly after he moved to back to California, he gobbled down the shrooms, climbed a tree, and had a realization – that he could be sincere and ironic at the same time, honest and funny at the same time. The result of that epiphany was his first Father John Misty album, 2012’s Fear Fun, an album with ayahuasca trips and getting it on at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Then Misty went all Mr. Rogers, got himself a wife, got fit, and recorded his new bitching album I Love You, Honeybear. Damn. I always wanted a new name, a beautiful wife, and a hit album. I got to get me some of that batch of mushrooms.