“You control nothing. You are nothing. And you can do nothing. F*ck you. Die.” So ends Tamah Jadah Clark’s legal filing submitted last week to reinstate her civil rights case after it was thrown out by Atlanta Judge Willis B. Hunt, Jr. The filing, a nine page document that serves as a venomous attack on Hunt and the legal system at large, was posted in its entirety by VICE.

Clark was arrested in 2010 for conspiring to break her son’s father out of jail. Authorities in the Pelham County Jail listened in on a conversation between Jadah Clark and the prisoner Jason Clark, who later became her husband. When police pulled Tamah Jadah Clark over, they found a .45 caliber pistol and a fully loaded AK-47.

Though Clark says she was never officially charged, she sued the police for civil rights violations involving holding and interrogating her after the incident. Now that Hunt has dismissed her case, even after she submitted over 100 pages of legal documents supporting it, Clark let her rage go in a thoroughly eloquent, extremely profane, and amazing document.

In it, she calls Hunt a “castrated coward,” an “old impotent geezer,” and writes that the court “runs and cowers” from her “like a panic-stricken hoe that has stolen money from her back-handing pimp. Just for the record: you are a hoe. This court is a hoe. And I will backhand you both, if you continue to waste my time.”

When VICE asked Clark what she hoped to achieve legally with the filing, she said, “I don’t know… But sometimes when someone’s been asking for it for a long time, they need to hear about themselves.”

The entire document, as well as an amendment titled “Why Most Americans Do Not Inherently Owe Federal Income Taxes,” can be found in the attachment below.


Fuck This Court