Even though Cannabis is listed as a Schedule I substance by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], this government agency has deemed that Zohydro is something that the American public can use to improve their health. Zohydro is a painkiller that is often dubbed as “Super Vicodin” because of its potency. It contains 10x the amount of hydrocodone as Vicodin.

Zohydro isn’t cut with acetaminophen or ibuprofen either. It’s straight-up opioid.

What’s even worse is that Zohydro can be crushed and snorted. This comes at a time when deaths from painkiller overdoses are reaching all-time highs in the United States. Why is Zohydro approved, but marijuana not approved – even though it is safer?

Simple. Politics.

Cannabis Reduces the Need For Large Painkiller Inventories

Although the research into the medical applications for cannabis are limited by the politics of the War on Drugs, it has been shown to be able to work with painkillers to provide relief. This means people can take fewer painkillers while using weed AND be able to feel better while taking fewer pills.

Using marijuana and painkillers together may cut painkiller use by up to 50% in some patients.

This is why the push for more legalized marijuana use is on. People aren’t stealing weed like they’re stealing painkillers. It is safer when used as a drug, cheaper, and just as effective. It also avoids the addictive qualities that opioids bring to the market.

It’s time to stop the excuses. What is the FDA? It’s a joke. Let them know that it’s time for them to change their stance towards Cannabis.