The FDA is hassling CBD oil vendors – not for making cannabis goods, but for making bad cannabis goods. On March 9th, the FDA issued warnings to several vendors stating that their products contain inactive CBD and that their drugs are unapproved. You can see the list of crappy CBD products here.

The warning was posted onto the FDA website to warn consumers about these weak products. Dog treats, e-liquids, capsules and oils have apparently been tested and many were found to contain very little cannabinoids.

The companies in question have claimed that the products they sell are legal because they are made from hemp oil, which have no psychoactive properties. These products are legal, and they exist in a loophole where they cannot be touched because they don’t market the product as a drug.

CBD content varies based on the growing and extraction processes. If the plant is grown correctly, it might contain semi-rich CBD. If it is subject to a cheap extraction process, then it may also extract pesticides and numerous other toxins. Cannabis thrives in toxic soil, which needs to be carefully selected.

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013 amended the CSA act and excludes industrial hemp from being included with other marijuana products. This removes some of the restrictions imposed on types of cannabis sativa which are very low in THC. This movement has facilitated the cultivation of hemp in the United States, but a lot of it is still imported from other countries such as the EU, China and Canada.