Though the federal government still deems marijuana as a controlled substance, that doesn’t mean they’re all anti-weed. The feds have experimented with growing medical marijuana since 1968 and currently sponsor cannabis cultivation at the University of Mississippi.

The feds also intend to do a lot more research into the medicinal uses of marijuana in the coming years, $68.8 million worth of research to be exact. That’s how much they endowed the research lab at the University of Mississippi with so that the school can continue to analyze and grow medical marijuana. Time reports that the new and approved facility will contain 30,000 plants in total. 12 acres will be devoted to the op, with an indoor facility of at least 1,000 square feet and controls to operate the light intensity, temperature, photo cycles, humidity and even the carbon dioxide concentration in the room.

It points out a major contradiction when the same federal entity can sponsor research into medical applications of a drug they spend a comparable amount of money policing, but we can only hope that eventually federal legaliation catch up with the common sense expressed by this new initiative.