It’s often a question of cost when choosing between standard, unsorted seeds and an upgrade to feminized seeds. Growth comparisons show little difference between maturation rates between the two selections, though just by a fraction, and colas seem to proffer a bit more when raised from feminized seeds. Personal preferences seem to take the lead on these choices as well, with bragging rights to an upgraded product.

Historical precedence

There is no secret to the growing habits of our founding fathers, at least of their entering the American lexicon as green growers go. Both Jefferson and Washington maintained a healthy hemp crop in their home gardens for fiber production. From a sterilized perspective of history, the powers that be report the plants were simply for fabric production and fuel.

However, garden logs and registers for both founding fathers contain specific instructions for culling male plants from the crops. There is only one reason for this, as the males work just as well as the females in production values beyond consumption.

Did the founding fathers toke up? It seems they left us the evidence and the good sense they did, and this more than anything should be a nod toward spending a little more for guaranteed feminized seeds from the seed banks.

Benefits of growing with feminized seeds

It comes down to how much time and resources you wish to have invested in your own crops when determining whether you wish to grow with feminized seeds. Culling out males when they develop takes up precious resources and time, so growing what a reputable grow house charges as feminized could keep your time down with increased yields with intensified thc levels.

However, with a mixed batch of males and females, you would be looking at an ability to propagate your own future crops. Feminized seeds produce no fertilized seeds, leaving you with a higher quality bud but no means of reproducing on your own for a second generation of growth. This means you wouldn’t have an opportunity to try your hand at cross breeding your own strains from commercially provided ones, keeping your own future costs down and perhaps growing your own legendary strain along the lines of ak-47 or maui-wowie from the 90s fame.

When making your choice between feminized and those not separated out, take your time and determine what you budget is, and whether you wish to grow beyond the first generation of seeds. A little forethought will go a long way.