The plan was to fight fire with fire extract, but now it appears that the fire-fire plan has backfired. Travis Allen, a Lieutenant with the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Florida, was arrested Monday after deputies discovered his efforts to make sweet cannabis extract inside the local firehouse.

Some reports, however, are pretty misleading about Allen’s conduct. We first got this story from the Miami Herald, one of the biggest newspapers in Florida, who in turn got it from the Tampa Bay Times, another of the state’s leading news outlets.

According to both the Herald and the Times, Allen was arrested after someone discovered a “botanical extractor device” and “two marijuana plants.”

That sounds a whole lot like the guy had a mini cannabis oil lab going and was either growing weed or bringing whole plants to the firehouse make batches of concentrate in the basement or somewhere tucked away. But that’s not what Allen was up to.

After less than five minutes of research, we were able to find a much more thorough account of the incident at, a leading resource for U.S. firefighting news and information.

According to Firehouse, what was discovered inside the Hillsborough station was not some rigged up extraction operation, but the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor, a small cooking device that looks like a thermos and sells for $175 on Amazon.

The “two marijuana plants” apparently consisted of “two pieces of marijuana,” according to Firehouse. They were at the bottom of the device in a “yellow liquid,” probably butter given the extractor’s name.

Allen apparently left the botanical extractor plugged in the station’s workout room. When someone found it, they called the police.

Allen admitted both the device and the cannabis were his. Though he has an active medical marijuana card in Florida, a police report stated that he was not authorized to manufacture cannabis products, nor was he permitted to process plant material.

So, a medical marijuana patient was arrested and publicly humiliated for making cannabis butter, which officials are terming processing plant material. He probably should have known better to do it at work, but, you know, shit happens.

Allen was released from jail Thursday on a $2,000 bail. He has been with the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue but is now suspended from duty pending an investigation.Photo via Flickr user Thomas’s Pics