Cannabis has come a long way in this 21st century. It was only a generation ago that you could still get a decade of hard prison time for possession. And now you can see commercials for it in the same programming block as Tucker Carlson and “I’m Thinking Arby’s” ads.

More precisely, you can now see a commercial for a weed law firm sandwiched between bowties and roast beef. The event is historical nonetheless. It marks the first time that a national TV commercial has explicitly advertised a cannabis service.

The ad is currently airing on CNN, Fox Business, Fox News, Headline News, MSNBC, Viceland, and the Weather Channel.

The Hoban Law Group has broken with tradition with a cheaply made thirty second spot advertising its expertise in medical marijuana, hemp, and recreational cannabis. Does it have a row of leather-bound books in a study? You bet your ass it does. Does it have any weed in it? It has a green field of something that could be weed getting plowed by a futuristic-looking plow in what looks like stock footage.

You can take a peek at the ad from “the largest cannabusiness law firm in the nation” below…

So how did this law firm manage to be the first weed industry business to mention the c-word (cannabis) on national television? The law firm worked with Denver-based production company DCP Media to research the specific guidelines each cable channel has for acceptable advertising.

“They all have their own laws when it comes to cannabis,” DCP Media producer Derrick Perkins told Leafly. Because Hoban doesn’t directly sell marijuana or marijuana products, it was able to get itself a primetime television slot.

Other companies have helped clear the path for Hobart before this. Marijuana companies have run ads in local markets and Scott’s Miracle-Gro ran an ad during NBA Finals that obviously (though not explicitly) targeted cannabis growers.

Photo via Flickr user Holly