This is going to be wicked awesome. Boston will open its first legal recreational pot shop on Monday.

Complete with cannabis flower, oils, and edibles, Pure Oasis is going to open wide its doors, marking at least two important landmarks for weed in America. As stated, it’s going to be the first legal adult use shop in Boston, etc. etc.

In addition, the store represents the first of the city’s shops operated by members of Massachusetts’s economic empowerment program. The purpose of the initiative is to try to make legal cannabis work for communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs (not that one). Co-owners Kevin Hart (not that one) and Kobie Evans were stoked in a statementthey gave.

“We are excited to reach this important moment where we will open our doors as the first retail cannabis business in Boston and as the first economic empowerment candidate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” they said.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh is also pretty into it. “We have been very diligent to ensure that as the legal cannabis industry gets off the ground in Boston that there is a strong regulatory process in place, and that the industry represents our values of supporting equity, diversity, and local ownership,” Walsh said in a statement. 

Thirteen other economic empowerment applicants have been granted thus far.

While Pure Oasis is the first shop in Boston city limits, it’s the 40th in the state at large since the state first legalized cannabis way back in 2016. 

A big run on the Oasis is expected, with the Boston Globepredicting roughly 1,000 customers a day for the retailer.

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily