The popularity of butane hash oil has exploded in the last few years, and so has the market for N-butane. There are a lot of questions circulating about the safety of butane hash oil or ‘BHO’, and if care is not taken, it can be dangerous.

Historically, laboratory grade N-butane has been hard to come by, only available in bulk from specialty suppliers, or from overseas. Thanks to a man named Adam Hopkins, who sells synthetic urine, grinders and vaporisers around the country, there’s now a brand new American-made laboratory grade N-butane, specific for the needs of BHO makers available for purchase called Puretane.

Hopkins came up with the idea for Puretane while high. He had spoken to many headshop owners around the country, and noticed how high demand for butane was getting. With so many barriers in the way when it came to importing it from overseas, Hopkins came up with the idea of producing it locally.

Hopkins earned the nickname ‘Butane Cowboy’ by manufacturing his own Butane from a refinery in Long Beach as well as sourcing it from the Gulf Coast. Because most of the oil comes from the Gulf of Mexico and is refined locally, there’s no need for customs, and therefore, no problems.
American environmental regulations are tighter than nearly anywhere else in the world when it comes to oil, and Butane sourced from Asia or Europe may not be as refined. Hopkins says that buying an American made product ensures that it is cleaner and safer. The only other known American-made butane company is Ronson, but the organic sulphate compounds added give the butane a noxious odour. It’s known in many circles as ‘Tane Soup’ or ‘Black Poison’ and can be seriously harmful if ingested.

Unlike ‘Tane Soup’, Puretane is made specifically for extracting oils of marijuana, with maximum purity in mind. The end product is over 99% pure.

Hopkins says that all he really cares about is ensuring that a good product is on the market for the users of butane hash oil. He hopes that American-made products including his will take over the market, ensuring a better experience for all users out there. “There’s a lot of entrepreneurs, creativity, and experimentation out there,” he says. “The weed industry is like the wild west.’

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