“Sometimes it doesn’t matter what side of the law you’re on – you just got to do the right thing.” “In an unjust land, the only way to be a hero is to become an outlaw.”

Maybe the improbably named but all too real marijuana cultivator Boyd Gene Wiley of Florida took heart in these creeds we just made up when he accused sheriffs in Putnam Country, Florida of stealing his illegal marijuana plants. Or maybe he is an insane person.

Whatever the reason, here’s the real story that really happened according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office’s blog and VICE News. Earlier this month, a housing code enforcement officer discovered a few marijuana plants while on a routine inspection of Wiley’s property. The housing squad then called up local police who found 91 marijuana plants on the premises.

Since cannabis, recreational or medical, is illegal to grow in the state, the authorities destroyed the plants but had been unable for days to find out who actually owned the property and needed some massive drug charges.

Luckily for them, Wiley accidentally turned himself in when he made a complaint to the local sheriff’s office about his missing weed. Wiley claimed all 91 plants were medical marijuana, but since there is no such thing in Florida legally speaking, the charges were exactly the same as they would have been for growing weed for recreation or profit – felony production of marijuana.

Wiley was released on a bail bond the same night as his arrest, but was arrested again only days later for allegedly bashing his neighbor in the head with a shovel over a loan dispute. The arrest amazingly took place after Wiley called the police to complain that he had suffered a blow to the face during the fight. He was then charged with aggravated battery and released on another bond. Who knows when Wiley’s crime spree will end. Only Wiley can stop him now.


Photo via the Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept