A deputy from the Palm Beach County Sherrif’s Office told the D.C. Post recently that he planted evidence and lied in reports under the name Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. All too often, law enforcements plant evidence in an attempt to make an arrest. Most of the time, the juries ignore the defendant’s plea because when the word of a defendant is put up against the word of a law enforcement officer, a juror tends to believe the law enforcement officer because they think cops lie less than criminals.

A Post editor came across a website,where local law enforcement officers are free to post with anonymity. There they found tactical information, procedural tips and even methods in which to gain compliance from the subject. The editor also found that the officers were discussing ways that they can arrest subjects for being difficult.

This revelation has started off a wave of posts which document how far police officers will go to put someone in jail. The posts documented everything from falsifying reports to planting evidence and even using official reports in order to lock someone up, even if the evidence was lacking for the arrest. The editor in question left a post on the forum, which asked the deputy to contact him anonymously if a range of set conditions were met.

The editor was then contacted by “Joe Deputy” who proved his position as a law officer of the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office. “Joe Deputy” had 15 years of experience working in law enforcement, and he has agreed to do an interview with the editor as long as he isn’t asked about anything he has done directly. He also asked that he be referred to by an alias, “Joe Deputy”.  Read the full interview here.