Health Law Services boldly proclaims that not only is medical marijuana legal in Florida, but that they’re already growing it themselves. The only problem is that in the November 2014 ballot initiative that was funded by John Morgan [who is also a lawyer] failed to pass.

A check of the Health Law Services website shows that it is run by two guys: Ian Christensen and Christopher Ralph. Both claim to be members of the American Bar Association, but the ABA has no record of Ralph being an accepted member of the bar. Christensen is actually under investigation for driving under the influence.

So how can they claim that medical marijuana is legal?

It stems from a 1991 case where marijuana was being used out of medical necessity. If patients can prove that medical marijuana is the safest available medication to treat their medical condition, then it is possible to avoid arrest.

The problem is this: how can a patient prove that cannabis is the most effective and safest way to treat their condition? Health Law Services has even provided clients with documentation that says legal weed can be grown and that people can have legal immunity from the laws.

Except there is no such immunity unless the state of Florida provides it. Health Law Services charges $800 per client for their services. All it does is provide an affirmative defense, which means a judge can decide if it is valid. Christensen and his firm are representing it as an absolute defense.

The bottom line is this: if you’re in Florida, medical marijuana is not considered legal. Don’t pay someone to tell you otherwise.