A stoner in Florida made the unfortunate decision to report his stolen weed to the local police. Unfortunate because in Florida recreational cannabis is illegal, and also because the police then publicly ridiculed him for his complaint.

According to a series of wise-cracking tweets from the Sheriff’s Office in Pasco, a local called 911 last Saturday to report that his cannabis had been stolen. What’s worse, it was an impossibly small amount of $20.

Indicating that the caller may have been dabbed-way-the-fuck-out, he called dispatch multiple times that night to report the same crime.

Pasco Deputy Sheriff Zalva postedwhat he called a “#Tweetalong” series of videos to document the ongoing incident, as reported by local news WFLA.

“The guy’s calling in saying his roommate stole his weed– $20 worth,” Zalva said. “And he’s upset, so he keeps calling 911.”

Later that night, Zalva provided an update to the situation. 

“I called him to let him know not to call the sheriff’s office to report his drugs,” Zalva said. “He started to freak out a little on the phone, and hung up on me shortly after.”

The somewhat 420-friendly antics of Zalva brings to mind the lovable cops of say Super Troopers. However, a piece by HIgh Timespoints out that amateurish weed humor is very common in official police social media posts.

At best, the article argues, the jokes produce something like a half-hearted chuckle. At worst, they cover up the serious problems inherent in cannabis policing, including racially-based targeting.Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily