50-year-old Florida man Jesse Teplicki has been found not guilty of growing marijuana in his home. Despite possessing the marijuana for medical purposes, he still faced 5 years in federal prison. Taking a mere 30 minutes before the jury reached their verdict, Teplicki claims that this case is for the hundreds of thousands of people out there who use marijuana as a medical alternative.

Teplicki suffers from a rarely severe case of anorexia, with bouts of intense nausea and lack of appetite. He was arrested by Broward Sheriff deputies last year for the possession and cultivation of 46 marijuana plants. The prosecution against Teplicki brought into question the amount of plants he had, claiming it was much more than any one person would need. But the jury felt his possession and condition were well documented and thus justified.

Teplicki is the very first person in the state of Florida to have a jury of his peers decide whether or not he is guilty of using medicinal marijuana. His hope now is for Florida to be invigorated by this case, and that those facing cannabis charges will be able to fight.

Now the case is over, the man who wouldn’t eat would simply like to resume his normal life again. In a recent interview, he said the first thing he did was go home to smoke a joint. So he could eat dinner with his wife.

Filthy pothead.