Students at a high school in Florida are going to have to learn to hold it in thanks to the vape scare that has swept the nation.

The principal of Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County has announced that there will be no more bathroom breaks during class. The reason for this radical measure, according to school principal Dr. Colleen Iannitti, is that some students “will not stop with the vaping.”

During class students will be able to use the bathroom “only in an emergency” and then they will have to be escorted to the bathroom by a school staff member.

That all sounds kind of funny, which it is. And drastic, which it is. However, the vaping is apparently getting out of hand at Jupiter High.

In a video address to the school, Iannitti claimed that they were busting kids for smoking or vaping every single day of school, some of whom required medical attention as the result of their vaping.

 “On a weekly basis, we have someone that leaves in an ambulance going to the emergency room for something that they smoked in one of our bathrooms,” she said.

NBC affiliate WPTV found that Iannitti may have fudged those numbers, but only slightly. The local fire rescue said that they had responded to 10 calls at the school in the 11 weeks it has been in session this fall. Eight people have been taken to the hospital.

Exactly what these students were hospitalized is unclear. The move from Jupiter’s top brass comes on the heels of the great vaping scare of the last few months. Hundreds of people have been hospitalized as a result of a mysterious vaping-related illness since this summer, at least 33 of whom have died as a result.

In the video. Iannitti also announced that she will have counselors on hand for those who feel they are addicted to vaping and that she may reverse the bathroom policy the school sees a “drastic” reduction in vaping incidents.