A model turned medical activist is choosing to reject chemotherapy treatment for her brain tumor, opting instead to pursue treatment through natural alternatives including cannabis.

Kerri Parker has a long resume and, unfortunately, a thick medical chart too. A former Playboy Bunny, Parker was also crowned Miss United Kingdom and has worked as a stunt double in Hollywood including a James Bond movie, as an Army medic, and she is also head of the Kerri Parker Academy for models in the U.K.

In 2013 Parker was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After undergoing surgery, she was considered in remission and went on to win the Miss UK pageant. But the cancer returned and, at the end of last year, Parker was told that her brain tumor was fatal.

Her decision to choose natural treatments over chemotherapy is based on two motivations. On one hand, she feels that the physical and mental toll paid for chemo would not be worth the short amount of time it would add to her life.

Parker posted a photo of a letter from her doctor which said that the treatment would have to begin within 8 weeks, as reported by Sky News. Alongside the photo, the model wrote, “’Chemotherapy will add on a few extra months of survival’. But at what cost?!”

“A year in hospital to get a few extra months of life isn’t treatment in my eyes. I grow weaker each day but I refuse to bow down to a system that no one questions why.”

The other reason that Parker is refusing chemo is that she wants to find an alternative cancer treatment for other survivors.

“I will do whatever it takes to find a natural cure for this disease, use myself as a guinea pig to prove there are alternative treatments,” she wrote.

Parker has raised more than £20,000 for brain tumor research. For her own treatment, she says she will travel to both the United States and Mexico in search of something that works.

Some of what Parker is advocating is backed by medical science. Some isn’t.

“So many people have reported to me this week that they lost their loved ones from cancer, but due to the treatments the radiotherapy and the chemo which kills a vast amount of patients,” she said.

“I get so much grief for my choices people telling me I will die but I will not, I am strong. I think my brutal outlook of refusing to accept I have cancer, refusal to accept a day off, rest, treatment – is why I have done so well.”