54 year old Pam from Bunker Hill, Kansas is being charged with felony aggravated endangerment of a child and several other charges after she forced her foster children to drink a mixed solution of bleach and milk, according to KSNT in Topeka. She knew her children had marijuana in their system and used the diluted bleach to try to beat the social workers’ drug test.

Various reports from the Russell County Sheriff’s Department state that officers were asked to visit the premises because the mother and three of her teenage foster children had tested positive for marijuana usage. It was then that authorities found out that both the mother and the children had drunk a dangerous concoction of bleach and milk in an attempt to pass the drugs test.

Although a number of documents on the internet claim that drinking bleach a day before a drugs screen can help you get a negative on your drugs test, you could kill or poison yourself pretty easily drinking the stuff.

A small amount of bleach in water is used by many water purification companies, but a dose of just a few mm more .can lead to burning of the throat and nose, as well as explosive diarrhoea and vomiting, even d-d-d-death.

Theresa Freed, of the Kansas Department of Children and Families, said in an email regarding investigation into the foster mom, “If it is determined a foster home is unsafe, children will no longer be placed there.”