Fred Tomaselli is an artist who has built a solid reputation on pills, weed, and insects on amber. He is famous for creating work that acts as a gateway into the human mind, sending the user into a mindset that they have never experienced before. Fred grew up in California, and spent most of the 80’s tripping on acid. He was actually making art at this time, binging on art and drugs, until 1985 when he found himself in New York. He then started to make his art work using inlaid pills, arranging their value and illustrating conceptual ideas that are both minimalistic and geometric to create art work that has never really been seen before.

Fred then came to the conclusion that it is possible to put your brain on drugs without having to actually take the drugs yourself. He began to add pot to his work, because he felt as though the shape of nature added a different dimension to his artwork.  Fred began to grow his own pot, this took over and became bigger and bigger. He then began to use other foliage and fish, and this has lead him to be the artist that he is now.

Fred was always an outdoor grower, as he had a backyard. He grew tomatoes to hide his weed plants, and then this progressed to eggplants and before you know it he practically had a garden his is yard that is complete with a fig tree, grapes and so much more.

Overall, Fred has developed his artwork over many years. Using drugs, nature and fish. It has really provided him with some valuable insight into nature as well as expanding his horizon of artwork.