It was an easy day on the force for some of Florida’s finest. After responding to a report of someone openly burning a large pile of marijuana in their yard, deputies with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office were treated to a volunteered tour of a small-time weed operation.

According to the Miami Herald, 64-year-old David Ellis “seemed downright hospitable and helpful to law enforcement” when they turned up at his house, telling them exactly where they could find all of his pot, but also telling them outright that he wouldn’t snitch on anyone.

When Deputy Luke Keppel approached Ellis’ house, he said he saw a huge plume of smoke, “large enough that the smoke cloud was seen en route and a smoke haze could be seen at surrounding neighboring properties.”

At the Ellis residence, Keppel found a bonfire five to six feet in width with flames up to three feet high. After knocking on his door, Ellis opened up amicably and told them that they got him all wrong: he was only burning cannabis leaves, not flowers.

“It’s trash. You don’t smoke that,” Ellis said, then pointed out that he did have “like a quarter pound of it inside.”

After that, Keppel entered Ellis’ house, at which point Ellis began, without any pressure from the deputies, to volunteer the location of his stashes. It almost seems like he was giving them encouragement for their task.

Keppel spotted some weed and paraphernalia sitting out on a tray in the kitchen, but Ellis told him, “I’ve got more in the refrigerator.” He added, “You can search the house, but I’m not going to tell you where I get it from.”

Deputies ultimately found 174 grams of cannabis and 15.4 grams of cannabis concentrate, at which point Ellis asked them, “Did you find all of my pot?”

Authorities then arrested the senior citizen and charged him with felony possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession He has since posted on a $6,000 bond.

Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily