In the world of competitive cannabis, there’s the storied, traditional Cannabis Cups and there are the edgy pro derbies that are Secret Cups, but right smack dab in the middle you will find Chalice California,  a festival held in San Bernadino last weekend for its second consecutive year by oil rig giants Hitman Glass.

Chalice is big and legit enough to make it credible while still being down and dirty enough to be cool. Their musical headliner (and featured judge) Action Bronson is the perfect emblem of their status. He’s a star, a big, bright shiny star with hit records and his own VICE web series, but he seems so relatable that he could walk right out of the computer screen you’re watching his music video on and take a dab with you right there in your living room without looking out of place.

And it was also Mr. Wonderful who bestowed one of three awards on what looks to be the biggest winner at this year’s fest: the Mega Wellness concentrate from Nature’s Lab Extracts and Nameless Genetics, which took home trophies for Best Indica Wax, Public Vote’s Best Indica Solvent-Made Concentrate, and Action Bronson Taster’s Choice Award.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of last weekend’s winners. We hear if you can find and dab them all, it opens up a secret level.


Sativa Non-Solvent

1st – Platinum Siour D from Big SKY Five Garm

2nd – KC-36 90u From Happy Trees 707

3rd – Zkittles


Indica Non-Solvent

1st – Sour Fruit Jewce Rival Extracts

2nd – Chronic Essentials High CBD  CO2 from CBD Innovation

3rd – Deadhead OG from PeaceOil/A Greener Today


Sativa Flower

1st – Zkittles

2nd – Cherry Donuts from Libra Seeds

3rd – Squirt from Golden State Collective


Indica Flower

1st – Bubba Dawg from Big Rippen Farms

2nd – Larry OG Hawg’s Breath

3rd – M #1 OF from Conni Farms




1st – Phoenix Tears from Bee Hive

2nd – Coffee Scrub from De La Beuh

3rd – Prodankazine from BeeHive



1st – Ganjalato from Cookies and Cream

2nd – Pissing Excellence/Medi Bros – Lemon Meringue Pie

3rd – Candied chocolate bacon


CBD Concentrate

1st – AC/DC from HoneyBadger and Queen Bee

2nd – AC/DC from Dab Dinasty

3rd – CBD Oil from Gold Drop Co.



1st –  Emperor’s Mandarins from Imperial Extracts and CaliKush and Apothecary 420

2nd – Purple Pre 98 Live Rosin from Firehaus Xtractions/SFVDM

3rd – Skywalker Rosin from Nature’s Lab/Foundation Extracts/Rosin Technologies


Indica Shatter

1st – Samurai OG from Samura Solutions

2nd – Kosher Kush from Imperial Extracts and Pure Essence

3rd – Master Kush from Calvin & Globz


Indica Wax

1st – Mega Wellness from Nature’s Lab Extracts/Nameless Genetics

2nd – Gorilla from Cannasseur Oils

3rd – Super Glue from TLC/Oil Refinery


Best Overall Solvent Sativa  (Public Vote)

Strawberry Banana from Boondock Alchemist


Best Overall Solvent Indica (Public Vote)

Mega Wellness from Nature’s Lab Extracts/Nameless Genetics


Highest Flower THC

Chiquita Banana from Utopia Farms


Highest Flower CBD

Hawaiian Train Wreck from Happy Trees 707


Highest Concentrate THC

Berry White from OC Canna Labs


Highest CBD Concentrate

AC/DC from Honey Badger and Queen Bee


Highest Terps, Concentrate

Blueberry Valley from Royal Extractions


Highest Terps, Flower

Syrup OG from Syrup


Action Bronson Taster’s Choice Award

Mega Wellness from Nature’s Lab Extracts/Nameless


[Editor’s note: at press time, Hitman Glass had not yet released the winners in the Sativa Shatter and Wax categories, but we will update this page as soon as they do.]


Image via Hitman Glass IG