Marine Corps General John Kelly says that if the US government continues to reduce its national budget, it will put a halt on the defence operation against drug cartels.

Kelly, who oversees the Southern Command, was placed before a group of federal lawmakers to speak his case about expenditures, and said he isn’t ready to give up on the war on drugs and that the 2016 spending cap would put him “out of business.”

This fear stems from the 2011 Budget Control Act, which took $1 trillion from the Pentagon’s budget over a ten-year stretch. For Kelly, budget cuts are huge concern because they affect his troops. Unless they can find are someone who will give them bipartisan support, though, slashes are likely.

According to Kelly, American efforts in terms of the international drug trade might be very low over the coming years. Kelly also claims that the cuts will destroy his partnership with South America, who he works with on a daily basis.