The owner of F.I.T.S. gym based in Denver, Colorado is a 39 year old man by the name of Clifford Drusinsky. He participates in grueling competitive triathlons and pushes himself regularly to reach new levels of fitness and endurance. He runs his gym similarly to most gyms around the country by offering his clients fitness as well as dietary advice, but there’s one thing that he recommends that’s raising questions. Drusinsky actually advises the clients he’s training to use marijuana prior to a workout to focus on their performance and zone out any outside distractions, according to Whaxy.

Instead of eating a power bar or drinking a protein shake before his daily workouts, Drusinsky munches on a cannabis infused energy bar that contains 20mg of THC, claiming that once it kicks in it allows him to train smarter and spend more time focusing on his form. He’s actually had lots of success following this regimen, landing him on the podium of 9 major triathlons in 2013 alone and he even took home first place at the South Beach Triathlon which is held every year in Miami, Florida.

To the surprise of many people, besides concentration, cannabis actually offers many other benefits for athletes and in particular ones that participate in sports and activities that require high endurance. The cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant are great for pain relief, especially around the joints and muscles that are the most commonly sore areas of the body post workout. There are many topical ointments and creams that are infused with this substance to provide extra pain relief.

Marijuana is also known to reduce nausea and settle an upset stomach, which is a fairly common symptom in athletes who participate in lengthy workouts. Although research still has to be done about the effects of marijuana on athletics, but for now it can’t hurt munching on one of those cannabis energy bars before a tough workout!