By now it’s common knowledge that more and more states are legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Colleges and law schools know that they need to keep up with this fast and growing community, and as such have begun the implementation of serious marijuana law programs in universities. Courses such as “Representing the Marijuana Client,” “Marijuana Law and Policy,” and “Marijuana Policy in the 21st Century” are now widely available at various universities across the nation.

Robert Mikos, a law professor at the Vanderbilt University, is a teacher of “Marijuana Law and Policy”. He believes that his students are inherently interested in the class, and that as long as states go on to legalise the substance, the interest will only grow exponentially.

During classes, students hear from various marijuana business people and lawyers. David Ball, a professor at the Santa Clara University School of law, has stated that he plans to run a “think tank,” exploring the options of what will happen to the state of California if it were to legalise marijuana for recreational use.

And Oregon State University has high hopes for the program as well, going so far as to adopt the program themselves. Seth Crawford, a professor at the university, aims to set students on working with stakeholders and policy makers to help answer some of the biggest questions that people have regarding the Measure 91 passage— the initiative legalizing recreational use of marijuana for the state of Oregon passed last year.