Back before weed went all mainstream, stoner celebrities were cool because they were outlaws. Now that cannabis isn’t all that against the law anymore, those outlaws aren’t outlaws. They’re just people who embody a legal-ish pastime, and some have figured out how to make a dollar or two off of that.

Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Bob Marley’s estate have all used their status as counter-culture icons to peddle legal buds. And now, Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and affiliate Killah Priest have joined the club, but with a little more of a sense of humor about it than some of those other acts.

The Killahs are selling the hash oil Wu Goo and vape pens called Dynamite Stix. But they know that they basically are to those products what George Foreman is to the Foreman Grill. And they also know that hawking weed in commercials has a little less prestige than, for instance, recording Supreme Clientele, one the best hip-hop albums of all time. So, they made a joke out of it.

The rappers went all out and made a TV infomercial that starts out relatively straight, then gets itself a Tim and Eric, Adult Swim spin, and then goes completely batshit and morphs into a music video for the song “Wu Goo.”

Don’t know if I’ll actually vape that goo of theirs, but I got to hand it to Ghostface for being a good Home Shopping Network host. He makes the promise I wish TV salesman had been making to me my whole life, that their product “fucks with your mind like voodoo.”

Killah Priest gets in on the hustling, saying: “Wu Goo label / Take a puff from a volcano / Lowers anxiety, eyes fiery / Pineapple coconut puff / The third eye opens up / Relaxed state of mind / Cure cancer in stages of time,” I don’t think an ad can legally promise that its product will cure cancer without some serious research to back it up, but I like the enthusiasm. Now I think I got to try it.