Yaba is killing it. A combo of meth, caffeine, vanilla, and a lot of other junk filer, it’s spreading around the globe as we speak. When used, it is typically smoked off some tinfoil and the vanilla makes it smell like you making frosting. It’s a drug that’s more profitable than heroin, but is it something you should use? Nope. Unless you want to lose some teeth.

Yaba is a variant of the older stimulant called yama, which was primarily used by those who needed to work third shift in the Asia Pacific region. Because it is a stimulant that includes meth, it will do two specific things to your body: dehydrate it and degrade the enamel of your teeth.

Because it effectively keeps you awake for long periods of time, it also robs the brain of the rest that it needs. That’s when the yaba madness begins to set in.

How bad is the craziness associated with regular yaba users? Estimates show that 2 out of 3 users will show symptoms of increased psychological problems that are directly attributed to the drug. Heroin users, in comparison, have a 1 in 10 chance of showing the same mental issues.

Yaba Is Also a Status Symbol. American workers use coffee and energy drinks to work past their limits of productivity. Asian workers are using Yaba. There is a direct connection to the rise of the Asia Pacific region and Yaba use. This may make it tempting for overworked and underpaid workers around the world to try to change their wages as well.