April 20 is the holiest of holy days for many cannabis enthusiasts all over the world. This year brings an extra special 4/20, celebrating a massive year for all things cannabis. Canada legalized weed, the U.S. legalized hemp, and everyone from Coca-Cola to Walgreens is trying to get into the business.

And there’s a lot going on this week alone that’s worth talking about. Since you’ve probably already baked your brain to a crisp in honor of the holiday, we’ll break the news down into a some easy, bite-sized chunks which even the most dabbed out reader could follow.

Cannabis Icon B-Real Honored With Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

On Thursday, Cypress Hill became the first Latino American hi-hop recording group in history to be honored with a star on the walk of fame. In addition to their many hit songs like “Jump Around,” the group is also well-known for the active participation of its members in the cannabis community, particularly frontman B-Real. Mr. Real has released his own strains under the Dr. Greenthumb banner, operated a dispensary in Santa Ana, and run his own 420-friendly web TV channel.

According to B-Real, his career in recording and in cannabis are one in the same. “I think music and marijuana go hand in hand,” he said.

Biggest 4/20 In History

Colorado-based data company Flowhub says this will be the most lucrative April 20 in the history of legal cannabis. The company told Yahoo Finance that the industry has seen “amazing” growth in anticipation of the holiday. In particular, the last six months have seen a 50% increase on sweet edibles and a 150% increase on topical lotions.

Introduction of 4/21 Day

But 4/20 isn’t supposed to be all about the benjamins. The holiday has become increasingly commercialized in recent years with corporations like KFC and Carl’s Jr. using it as a promotional tool to target stoners. But one organization is trying to take us back to our roots by introducing a new holiday aimed specifically at progressive social change in cannabis policy.

421 For All will have its inaugural celebration this Sunday at the Chelsea Music Hall in New York. According to the event’s website,  April 21st will be “a day of cannabis justice observance, when the cannabis community and the canna-curious understand that there’s more to cannabis legalization than mere consumption of the cannabis plant.” The event will benefit political organizations including the Drug Policy Alliance and Cage Free Cannabis.

Man Biked 19,000 Miles Stoned

The British cyclist and big fan of cannabis Roger Boyd recently finished a 19,000 bike trip around the world, crossing three continents and 14 countries. The entire time, he took a vape rip of cannabis oil every twenty miles (every hour or two).

On his way through countires including Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, India, New Zealand, and Italy, Boyd says part of the fun was finding new product to replenish his stash. “I picked up [cannabis] as I went, sampling the local strains as I traveled,” he said. “Sometimes it would find me, sometimes I had to look for it, but we always managed to find each other.”