We all got that weird uncle with the big beard who grows shaggy mids behind his tool shed. And now every American has a new wily pot-growing uncle – Uncle Sam.

The US government is trying to get a few great pot growers to work with them to conduct research, according to an article in High Times. In 2014, an agency who works with the National Institute on Drug Abuse put forward the plan in an attempt to find professionals who would cultivate, process, harvest, analyze and store cannabis for research purposes. Our good old Uncle Sam has a keen interest in working with growers who know their stuff when it comes to cannabis. The ideal candidate will already have a complete registration from the DEA for substances listed from II-V.

Applicants will also undergo a strict background check and an examination to see if they have the knowledge and experience it takes to handle this project. NIDA has stated that they would like to hear from growers who can also roll joints for them, as well as doing all the groundwork.

Pot growers will also be made to secure and video 12 acres of cannabis fields, as well as maintaining an indoor facility which will be used for growing, propagating and sustaining plants under set controlled conditions.

Shirley Simson, who is a representative for NIDA, informed Time Magazine that the agency in question are accepting growers because of the contract they signed regarding cultivation in 2009. This contract is about to expire, however the agency has decided to award winning growers with a yearlong contract that can be opened up for another four years, should the project go as planned. Pot growers that have an interest in putting their talents to good use should contact Uncle Sam himself, even though he still thinks of marijuana as a dangerous substance with absolutely no medicinal value. Email Andrew Hotaling today to put your email forward regarding the application at the Federal Office at [email protected].