The Magic Kingdom got a little less magical recently when Disney World security busted a great-grandmother for bringing cannabis extract into the park.

At a checkpoint in the Orlando amusement park, security discovered a bottle of cannabis oil in 69-year-old Hester Burkhalter’s purse.

The label on the oil said it was a peppermint-flavored CBD tincture with “0 mg THC.” However, it looks like Burkhalter may have been misled about that. Apparently Disney World has onsite THC testing capabilities because Metro reports that “Disney security tested the oil and found it tested positive for THC.”

Metro also reported that the park used “the cheapest and quickest tests” which “can be inaccurate and give false positives.”

Citing their unreliable test, Disney security personnel decided to call the fuzz and have Burkhalter arrested. She was then charged with possessing hash and held in custody for 12 hours before being released on a $2,000 bail.

Burkhalter had a note on her from her doctor explaining that she needed the oil for medical treatment, but no one seemed to care about that. “I have really bad arthritis in my legs, in my arms, and my shoulder. I use it for the pain because it helps,” she later explained to Fox 35.

Burkhalter also said that she felt she had done nothing wrong, explaining she had never had more than a speeding ticket before in her life and that she’d “never been in the jailhouse.”

The state’s attorney’s office later dropped charges, but Burkhalter said her vacation had been ruined.

but the charge was later dropped by the state attorney’s office, although the great-granny said that the arrest ruined her vacation.

Photo via Flickr user Robert D Bruce