This week, the little town of Lake George, Colorado bore witness to the birth of Grannies.

Local paramedics and EMS workers JoDee Weaver and Karen Kinne, both longtime residents of the Twin–sorry–Pikes Peak region, opened shop last Sunday with their new agricultural hemp and hemp product store, Granny Hash.

Apparently the term “granny” refers to the World War-era building renovated for the practice (Yeah, we’re sure it has nothing to do with the two AARP-candidates running the shop), and Hash stands for High Altitude Super Hemp. Again, the idea that these two were standing stageside for Hendrix at Woodstock has nothing to do with that, we promise.

But these two badass biddies are making waves with their purely agricultural hemp products, from salves and creams to clothing and bathgoods. And with a strictly CBD-centric mission plan, the venue is family friendly and open to all comers, human and ethereal being alike.

More so than simply providing goods, the ladies want Granny Hash to serve as a platform for education on what’s actually going on with hemp and medical marijuana. So head on over to or check them out on Facebook for more info, and if you’re ever in the Pikes Peak area, make sure to burn some sage and point your trip crystals toward the island for our favorite village ladies of the lake.