The smell of money and weed has been the top selling perfume in 2014.  And it’s not just the marijuana nurseries and collectives, either.  Businesses that supply the necessary materials and structures for large-scale marijuana growing and selling to be possible are rolling in the collective dough, as well.  This includes everything from the growing equipment like fans, lights, cooling, and soil, to the infrastructure needed by the stores that sell it, like packaging, storage, security systems, and all the small things that come with owning a business.

A slice of the rich pot brownie

While the illegal drug trade will still be the undisputed king of ancillary profit for quite some time, the marijuana business is practically hemorrhaging money for services that are needed, like legal support, marketing, public relations, etc.  It wasn’t too long ago when none of these industries would go near the word marijuana, at least not openly.  This is still true to a certain degree, because thanks to the inaction on the federal government, there is still real risk involved in dealing with the pot business, despite how legal it is at a state level.

For example, marketing and advertising companies still need to jump through hoops just to advertise marijuana products online.  While Facebook allows booze, pot is where they draw the line, still.  A portion of marijuana marketing still has to do with educating the population.  This isn’t really where the money is at in marijuana advertising, but it is still a crucial part of legalizing marijuana.

Getting the green light

The online side of marijuana is a boom for many young, budding entrepreneurs.  The money is waiting to be made on things like apps, marijuana communities, marijuana entertainment, and more.  At these early stages of a new industry, it is important for innovation to be allowed the freedom to create.  Worrying about getting shut-down, or worse, is just one of the reasons why we need weed legalized federally now, not after half the country already has it legalized.

With how fast this industry is growing, the competition grows right along with it.  The only way to insure you have a place at the table is to utilize strong branding techniques and utilization of these support businesses that see the value in investing in the marijuana business.  Some of them, you might have to do some convincing, but once you show them some of the obscene potential for profit, it won’t take long for them to come around.  You scratch my back and light my torch, I’ll buy you a new vacation home with money to spare.  You don’t need to be a supporter of pot to realize the financial gains that stand to be made.