Ambient Water Corp has used their clean water technology in everything from household drinking water to fracking operations, and now they’ve decided to expand into the cultivation of marijuana plants.

CEO Keith White has said that they are now working on developing greenhouses that will allow marijuana growers to create bigger and better plants.

The technology will trap moisture in the air, turning it back into purified water, which will allow growers to constantly replenish their plants and monitor humidity levels more carefully.

Heating, ventilation and cooling systems will keep the plants at the perfect temperature, preventing disease and mildew.

In the past year, the legal market for cannabis has rocketed by over 74%. Analysis projects that it could grow as much as fourfold in the next five years if more states legalize marijuana for recreational use.

White predicts that as marijuana becomes more commercialized, growers will want to get out of the grow house operations and into large scale-greenhouses.

Ambient’s Greenhouses have been created for precisely this purpose, and hope to offer growers an enticing way to get more profits from their plants during the marijuana boom.