Self-proclaimed future funk musician GRiZ this week won an award that had nothing to do with the future, funk or music in any way at all.

His “GRiZ Kush” took second prize in the category of “People’s Choice Flowers” at the Colorado Cannabis Cup on Sunday, just in time for the holidaze.

The Boulder, CO native’s personal weed strain is a sativa-heavy Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush hybrid. Think big aroma, heavy hits and an energetic, creative buzz. Supposedly perfect for future funk performance and listening. Apparently perfect for a voting-based marijuana competition as well. Or nearly.

Grown in collaboration with Colorado-based dispensary Native Roots, the strain has been both a hit with customers and its namesake.

“Having your own strain of weed is every young stoner’s dream.” Not actually. But we’re glad you’re happy with having one, GRiZ.