The Palm Springs Police discovered a hash oil extraction lab Monday after responding to reports of gunfire. One man was arrested and another hospitalized for head trauma, according to The Desert Sun.

In the aftermath, authorities caught wind of an “active honey oil lab,” in the words of Sgt. William Hutchinson. “Honey oil labs can cause very large explosions,” Hutchinson said. “We don’t find current danger here, there was nothing actively cooking, but liquid THC can be very volatile.”

Hutchinson is, we’re guessing, no chemist, as “liquid THC” isn’t remotely volatile. Though the solvent used by extractors is not specified, as usual, authorities and media have confused cannabis extraction in general with extraction that uses quite volatile solvents such as butane. (To be fair, photos from the crime scene are consistent with a BHO lab and I wouldn’t trust a dude who goes wailing on another guy with a gun in broad daylight to be cautious in his use of potentially explosive gases, but these guesses are not substantiated by evidence in the Desert Sun article.)

If I were Sgt. Hutchinson, I’d be a lot more concerned about gun violence than “liquid THC.” Earlier this month, the formerly tranquil neighborhood saw a drive-by shooting. The recurrence of shootings in the area caused one resident, Joanna Perone, to tell the Sun, “I’ve been here 16 years, and this is the first time we’ve seen anything like this. I just think they’re desperate times.”

Shawn Ziegler, 44, was arrested Monday after the incident which drew officers to the extraction lab. According to reports, Ziegler and the victim had an argument over the phone about property and money, which escalated when the victim visited Ziegler’s home. Ziegler produced a handgun and shot it at the ground, then attacked the victim, according to the Sun, “grabbing the victim by the throat and hitting him in the head with the gun, causing it to fire again. The victim ran away and waited inside a passerby’s truck until police arrived.”

Ziegler, as of Wednesday afternoon, was on jail with a $25,000 bond. The victim was treated for a minor head injury. And a bunch of fresh gooey dabs have gone to waste.

Featured image via Wikimedia