The video group and YouTube channel The Cut, which previously brought us the viral video and landmark cinematic achievement “Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time,” released a teaser for their follow up “Ex-Cops Smoke Weed for First Time in Decades” on Tuesday.

The teaser was released via High Times and does indeed feature three dudes who look a lot like ex-cops going all late-period Stedenko and getting cheesed on bong rips of reefer. The video is only about 30 seconds, and contains no dialogue, leaving the contents of the upcoming full installment as clad in secrecy like as a Christopher Nolan movie before its release. Will the former fuzz follow in the grandmas’ footsteps and indulge in a little Jenga? Will they compare a vaporizer to a dildo? Will they get so ripped that they forgot where they are, try to arrest each other, resist each others’ arrest, and all kill each other in a Reservoir Dogs finale-type massacre?

Only time will tell. The full video will be released on the High Times website this coming 4/20. If you’re occupied on 4/20, make sure you stay off the world wide web to avoid all “Ex-Cops Smoke Weed for First Time in Decades” spoilers.