A recent poll from BuzzFeed News found that cannabis users and cannabis non-users have some very different views on many weed-centric issues. One of the strongest differences of opinion between those who toke and those who don’t is in the groups’ beliefs about driving while high.

The survey found that about half of stoners think driving under the influence is A-OK, while roughly two-thirds of Americans overall feel it’s unsafe.

The exact numbers break down like this:

  • 48% of cannabis users believe it’s safe to drive while stoned
    • 17% of cannabis users believe it’s “very safe”
    • 31% believe it’s “somewhat safe”
  • 46% of cannabis users believe it’s unsafe to drive while stoned
  • 6% of cannabis users said they don’t know
  • 14% of people who don’t use cannabis believe it’s safe to drive while stoned
  • 75% of non-users believe it’s unsafe to drive while stoned
  • 11% of non-users said they didn’t know

This is an important issue for cannabis supporters and critics alike. The poll found that the most persuasive argument against legalizing cannabis was that it might lead to more drivers under the influence of cannabis.

47% of Americans believe that the possibility of putting stoned drivers on the road due to legalization makes cannabis prohibition a compelling argument. 36% of cannabis users also felt that fear of stoned drivers made for a compelling argument against legalization. 52% of nonusers said they same thing.

However the Washington Post reports that different researchers have come to different conclusions about whether cannabis legalization causes an increse in traffic accidents. For that matter, we’re not even sure how cannabis affects motor function and reflex times. So basically, nobody knows anything, except maybe those who study the full data set from researchers at BuzzFeed, PSB, Civilized, and Burson Cohn & Wolfe.

Photo via Flickr user fo.ol