Wishing you the merriest of 7/10’s, whether you’re dabbing away at a secret sesh or in your car on your lunch break. Since we know you’re all busy and possibly cognitively challenged after that last rip, we’ll go easy on you and give you a fast roundup of all the 420 and 710 news you can use in a few potent dab-sized hits. Here’s what’s happening in the world of cannabis and oil today…

Chalice Festival

The gold standard in hash festivals just wrapped up yesterday. Here’s just a brief list of a few of this year’s top winners:

  • Best Solvent Overall: Blood Orange by Panacea x Luxe x Hive
  • 1st Place Indica Solvent: Banana Pie by Beezle and The Hive
  • 1st Pace Sativa Solvent: Blood Orange by Panacea x Luxe x Hive
  • Highest THC Solvent: C.Banana by Utopia Farms

A Dabbed Out Lady Got Arrested For Driving Backwards

This week the Sarasota Police Department were responding to a report of shots fired when they witnessed a woman driving in reverse down the street. When Summer Lemieux, 26, was pulled over, the officers asked why she was driving backwards, to which Ms. Lemieux responded, “What? What?”

When the cops saw a bag of weed just sitting out on her dash, they searched the vehicle and found a pound of weed, some “suspected hash/hardened THC oil,” an eightball of coke, and some prescription pills. Where she was going, we’ll probably never know, but I’d like to get there.

Florida Is Getting Sued For Its Oil-Only MMJ Program

When Gov. Rick Scott signed Florida’s new medical marijuana program into law last month, the bill had one glaring omission: straight up smoking weed was forbidden. Vaping is cool, edibles cool, dabbing cool. But smoking, lawmakers argued, was unhealthy.

Now lawyer, MMJ advocate, and potential politician John Morgan is suing the state for that omission, calling its ruling (formed by bill sponsor Rep. Ray Rodrigues on cannabis flower bogus and arbitrary. “For Ray Rodrigues to say he’s concerned about a cancer patient smoking a few hits of marijuana so that they can kill the nausea is ridiculous,” Morgan said, as reported by The Cannabist. “Do we give a rat’s ass if a person dying from ALS smokes instead of vapes? I don’t, and I trust the doctors to figure out what’s best for that patient, not Ray Rodrigues.”

And that’s it. Have a lovely 7/10 from all of us at the Dabs Mag staff.