Happy 7/10 Everyone!

It’s that time. That day of days. That good excuse to take one or two extra dabs or grams

To celebrate, we put together our 7 and 10 favorite stories all concentrated together in one page like a butane blasted nug run that shrinks all the good shit down to the size of a dime.

Read up, dab up and have a kickass 7/10!


  1. Moxie Seeds & Extracts on blasting with NASA tech and the future of concentrates
  2. “I Survived A Dabsplosion” and came back stronger and smarter than ever, with George Waxhington Extracts
  3. The DabsMag Rosin Trials, where we try, fail, try, and succeed to make some bitching rosin
  4. The Healing Alchmist gets into it in a Q & A
  5. Las Vegas Extractor Nailed It tells us about blasting and dabbing in Sin City


150608 cake batter

Healing Alchemist’s Cake Batter, courtesy of their IG


  1. Dream Team, Chem Dawg, Matt Rize share the fruits of their labor with us and we choose which is the sweetest
  2. God’s Gift Crumble from Capone Extracts
  3. Why I Love My Action Bronson MicrOG Pen
  4. Absolutely awesome oil and vape pens from Absolute Xtracts
  5. Bizzare Brother’s Bodacious Headband Bubblehash




ChemDawg 44


  1. Hitman’s Dougie On The Hinge
  2. Interview with glass genius Rob Morrison
  3. Ballin in Skid Row with the boss of Original Glass


dougie still2


Dougie at the Hitman Hinge Release Party

Dab Culture, Dab Babes, Dab News

  1. Model DameRogue poses, dabs, and grows too
  2. Waxing philosophical with Slink Johnson of Black Jesus
  3. Injured blaster sues store that sold him butane
  4. Why are a bunch of legitimate news sources saying dabs might be addictive?

damerogueVia DameRogue’s IG