If you’ve got a bunch of good quality trim that you’re looking to turn into some great hash, then you might be wondering what you’ve got to do. Good hash comes from two components: great skuff and great equipment.

Instead of spending a fortune on your equipment, however, here are some life hacks that will let you make your preferred form of hash on a budget.

#1. Use baking screens. You can spend up to $30 to get just one screen to run your skuff through. You can spend a couple hours making your own for about $15 worth of materials from your local lumber yard. Or you can go to a big box discount retailer, purchasing a baking screen, and spend about $5. These metal mesh screens are used to separate liquids from solids and are quite fine. Rub your skuff through one and you’ll get an excellent product to use.

#2. A high quality drum machine. You can’t use a new dryer because it’ll get too hot to make this kind of hash. You can’t use a rock tumbler because it’s too small. What do you do? Go down to your local thrift store, look for a used dryer, and then hook it up. The older heating elements will give you the right temperature and the interior drum will help you create an amazing product.

#3. The food processor hack. Instead of making blender hash, purchase a high quality food processor instead. The blades are bigger, letting you get a finer quality from the same recipe. You’ll also get a bigger container for the same price, letting you make more per batch.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make high quality hash. Use this hacks and you’ll be able to make your favorite form of hash quickly, easily, and affordably.